Google Technologies

Which five Google technologies would you like to research for your Final Case Studies?


Google has paved the way for innovation by creating new web based and creative technology benefiting people all around the Globe. The Five most famous Technologies that I would love to research are as follows.

  1. Android Os.
  2. Google Glass
  3. Google Driverless
  4. Google Maps
  5. Google Street View

These are most amazing technologies Google have implement that has changed the world to a new place, after its amazingly successful Search Engine and web services.



  1. Share one interesting finding about each technology that you have chosen with the class.


The most interesting findings about each technology is that , The are most unique and different from each other  in respect .


1. Android OS : Google has made Android the coolest mobile OS in the world . With its advent of App store, Google play , Android has been one OS with its reach to anything in the world from Plane fares to Stock Prices in Entertainment, Technology , Education . The Google Play store has made Android a platform to run an App and excel in multitasking on Mobile and Smartphone devices.


  1. Google Glass: the most interesting thing about Google Glass is that its display information we need in front of our eyes  and with the tone of our voice it automates. This state of the art technology is one interesting finding of Google.


  1. Google Driverless Car: The Google Driverless car is one of its innovative projects, where the car is run by automation and a Camera to detect traffic and GPS system. The amazing feature is the future of automotive excellence.


  1. Google Maps : The Google Maps is most popular technology where its depicts any location along the globe and gives direction from any nearby  location by itself. It’s an all-important technology available in smartphones and mobiles and Tablets.


  1. Google Street View: The Google Street View is one of its Kind 3d Street View, that will enable you to visit places which you have never been to and the surroundings you have not seen on the Net. The






3. Which of these technologies do you think has the greatest potential to improve our society in the future? Why?


All the Technologies of Google are amazing helpful to the society in terms of Knowledge, Education, and Information and economy. I feel the most innovative of them is the Google Glass which can be later on modified to form various enhancements and be useful to billons of people all around the Globe. The Google glass has its user-friendly way to accessing the whole Internet world by voice commands, thus it has to adapt with different languages of different countries to make its User interface and it can be use to billions of people in the future.